November 30, 2001

Hello from Romania! We have news!



  • CACIB- Romania Championship 2001 - Bucharest, 20 Oktober.
  • Other news from Romania: new dog stamps and greyhound art
  • Circus and AH in Moscow !?

    On Oktober 20th took place the
    CACIB-Romania Championship 2001 in Bucharest.
    Judge for group 10 was Mrs. Marit Sunde (Norway).
    11 Afghan Hounds entered, 10 present.

    BOG - CACIB Romania - National Championship 2001 GROUP WINNERS
    1-st BOG Int.Ch. Jet's Keep the Snake (Greyhound, Lituania)
    2-nd BOG Int.Ch. Gaudzida Amount Crusher (AH, Romania)

    BOG and R-BIS was a beautiful Greyhound from Lituania:
    CH Jet's Keep the Snake (breeder: Espen Engh; owner: Laila Kazakevica).

    R-BOG, BOB, CACIB and winner in Champion Class was the Afghan Hound:
    Int.Ch. Gaudzira Amount Crusher - (Int Ch Ben Ben's Heart Breaker x Ben Ben's Jazz Queen
    - pedigree: 
    - breeder: Natasa Dinic, Yugoslavia
    - owner: Emilio D'Onofrio, Romania

    Int. Ch. Gaudzira Amount Crusher - click for pedigree page
    BOB Afghan Hound
    Int.Ch. Gaudzida Amount Crusher (AH, Romania)

    Open class - CAC - dogs:
    Paradise Touch (RJCh Avant Garde de Evil x Eva-Nisa)
    - breeder: Oana Iancu, Romania
    - owner: Udrea Catalin, Romania

    Junior Class winner - dogs:
    Silver Silk Aramis Schahar (RJCh Avant Garde de Evil x Rebbeca Pamela de Silver Silk)
    - breeder: Victor Stefanescu, Romania
    - owner: Florin Buzescu, Romania

    Puppy Class -best puppy:
    Jazoo Je T'Aime Di Marssano (Fan-Fell Khalifah x Ama Pola Mi Amor)
    - breeder: Marieta Badescu, Romania
    - owner: Marinca Dana Carmen, Romania 

    A nice presence were the 4 juniors of Al Tha'R kennel, 10 month old (RCH Aram Abukar El Saiad x Casy de Casa Braty). The kennel Al Tha'R was third place in the special competition for Best Breeder.

    We have more photos of the winners, please visit the photo album at: 

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    Other news from Romania :


    For your personal information I send you this images of 
    a brand new series of 4 dog heads, called "Dogs Breeds",
    issued in Romania in July 2001 (no sighthound, unfortunately).

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    This is a photo of a bronze statue that I think is absolutely new for the sighthound art fanciers.
    I found it by hazard, recently, in a romanian almanach for the year 1937! The statue was first time shown in a Bucharest gallery in 1936. I have no idea where it is now...
    The name of the statue is "Ogarul", in romanian, meaning "The Greyhound" (though the name "ogar" is used in romanian also with the general meaning of Sighthound). I. Negrulea is the author.

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    CIRCUS and AH in Moscow

    Searching on Yahoo for AH, I found this:
    "FOUR-FOOTED FRIENDS" is a circus show act of the russian clowns Ludmila and Evgeniy MARANOGLI, where it seems they use 12 cats, 3 dogs and some white rats. One of the dogs is an Afghan Hound!

    The image is downloaded from the website of the Great Circus in Moscow - 
    How about that?

    Hoping you'll enjoy my news,

    Kind regards,
    Andrea Popa

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