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Photos taken in April and June 1998 at CAC shows in Bucharest

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General appearance:
Large size shepherd dogs, originating in the Carpathian mountains in Romania. His massive body is fully covered with abundant, long and fluffy, light coloured hair. He is a vigilant, courageous and aggressive dog, though he obeys his owner with calm and discipline.
The head:
Massive; the skull is broad, slightly arched; the stop is not clearly marked; the muzzle is strong, tapering gradually on to the nose; length of the muzzle shorter than the length of the skull.
The occipital bone is large and pronounced.
The nose is well developed, broad and black.
Strong and complete scissors bite.
The ears are not very big, set on rather high, triangular, hanging on each side of the head;
Eyes: medium size, slightly oval shaped, amber or hazel colour.
Muscular and massive, medium length, set on in an angle of about 40 - 45 o; whithers is not pronounced.
Rectangular, moderated length; the back is firm, broad and muscled; loins are broad, the croup is not falling away.
Brisket is broad and deep, reaching to the ellbows; the chest is broad, moderately pronounced.
The shoulders are broad, angle between schooled blade and upper arm is approximately 100o; the ellbows are massive, arched, in the same plane with the flanks; the forearm is straight, very vigorous with oval, massive and compact toes. Seen from any angle, the forearms are straight, vertically placed on the ground.
Seen from the rear, the hind legs are parallel. Seen from side, the angulation from upper to lower thigh is well marked; both upper and lower thigh are long and muscled; hock joints are not very high, hock is almost perpendicular on the ground; hind feet oval, well developed, with compact toes.
The tail:
Set on high; in repose hanging down, reaching to the hocks; the tip of the tail is lightly curved. When the dog is in action, the tail is carried high, up to the height of the back but without being bent over it.
The coat
Long and abundant hair, covering the entire body, including the head and the feet; Top coat slightly wavy, rough, long, measuring 8-16 cm (3.15-6.3 inch); the undercoat is dense and smooth.
The basic colour is usually white, lightly creme or pale gray, sometimes with patches of these colours. The gray couloured skin is preferred.
Free, lithe, gait is long. No tendency for legs to swing outward.
Lower limit: Dogs: 60 cm (23.6 inch); Bitches: 57 cm (22.4 inch)
Temperament: vivid and balanced; alert and vigilant, disciplined and very attached to the owner but suspicious with strangers. Fearless and very courageous, he is the perfect protector of his owner and the herds.
Missing teeth: PM1, PM2 or M3; pincer bite; undershot exceeding 2 mm; height under lower limit; height greater at croup than at withers; sway back or roach back; any departure from the standard in the appearance of the hindquarter and forequarter; tail carried too high; generally weakness; slight deviation of proportions; heavy movement; faulty coat and colour; faulty eyes and ears.
Disqualifying faults:
Mono- and criptorhidism, under- or overshot bite exceeding 5 mm (0.2 inch), any missing teeth except PM1, PM2 or M3; Curly or short hair, basic coulour black, brown or reddish; lack of pigment in nose leather and eyelids; height under 58 cm (22.8 inch) for dogs and 55 cm (21.6 inch) for bitches. Excessive aggressiveness or shyness.

N.B.: Ears and tail may be cropped.

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