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Are the romanian sheep dog breeds - Mioritic, Carpatin and Ciobanesc de Bucovina - recognised by the FCI?
At present, the Carpathian and Mioritic breeds are recognised by the FCI on provisional basis. The Bucovina Shepherd Dog breed is recognised only by the Romanian Kennel Club A.Ch.R.

In what F.C.I. group should thease dogs be?
The Romanian Shepherd Dog breeds are placed in FCI group I.

Are the Romanian Shepherd Dogs herding dogs?
The romanian sheep dogs are livestock guardians and good herding dogs.

What are the genetic problems most occuring in Romanian Shepherd Dogs?
There are no frequent and typical genetic problems with any of thease breeds.
They are strong and rustic dogs. Just take care from who you buy. Intensive breeding in any animal breed leads to genetic problems.

Are thease dogs good with children?
If the children are educated not to be agressive or too teasing, thease dogs are good to children. Mioritics are especially attached to children. By nature, thease three breeds will protect the "chief", his family and his assests. But, because of the weight and strength of thease dogs, it is adviceble by common sense not to allow children under 12-14 years old to play unsuperivised with thease dogs.

Can I buy a Mioritic or a Carpatin from Romania?
Of course you can buy a dog from Romania. You can buy a puppy or an adult. The dog will come with complete romanian pedigree issued by Romanian Kennel Club - ACHR, FCI member, with health certificate issued by the competent authority and with medical records.
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Can I buy a Romanian Shepherd Dog from other country in Europe or overseas?
My advice is: do not buy so called Carpatin or Mioritic that was not bred in Romania, because those dogs might just be mixed breeds. (The stock ouside of the country is very small and the dogs are not evaluated in conformation.)

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